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For information on current offers, go to FLYONE Offers. This section is regularly updated.

Fare rules refer to the general transportation rules about date changes, refunds, term of validity restrictions, etc. specific to the type of fare that you purchased.

Various taxes, fees and charges perform different functions depending on the responsibilities designed by the enacting government. Taxes, fees and charges are used to offset expenses incurred by various government agencies in performing a variety of services, ranging from customs inspection, immigration inspection, health inspection, airport development and improvement charges, passenger facility charges, aviation base - stock gasoline charges. There are many types of taxes, fees and charges collected at time of ticket issuance. Associated with the type of ticketed point in the itinerary and the place of sale and ticket issue, the taxes, fees and charges may be classified as: Departure Taxes, Fees and Charges; Arrival Taxes, Fees and Charges. An aviation base - stock gasoline charge is fixed of Air Company. This kind of charge depends on the price of jet fuel charged by the base airport.

Payment by credit card is accepted - valid Visa International, MasterCard International and AMEX cards. Full payment will be deducted from your credit card account at the time of purchasing. No payment will be deducted, if you select Cancel reservation anytime during your Internet reservation session.

Please note that only FLYONE own flights (5F code) will be available for online sale. Waitlists are not allowed through 

Dear passengers, for increased comfort during the flight and for your convenience, FLYONE company offers additional services. Enter the order number/ticket and your name, push the button "Find order" and take advantage of the following services:

  • check-in;
  • seat selection option ;
  • hot dishes during the flight;
  • additional baggage;
  • trip guarantee;
  • ticket refund;
  • ticket exchange.
All these options are easily accessible in a few moments!

E-ticket itinerary/receipt will be forwarded to the e-mail address provided at the time of purchase. Please retain a printed copy of this e-ticket itinerary⁄receipt throughout your trip and present it at each airport check-in counter.

To request a cancellation or modification of the data in the tickets purchased online at choose the mode that suits you::

  • MyBookings. Enter the order/ticket number and your name, click on the button "Find Order". The button «Ticket exchange» will be available at the bottom of the page with information about your order.
  • «MyFLYONE» offices. The procedure is similar to the previous one, you only need to log or create your own account if it is missing or,
  • fill in the appropriate form in the section «Contact us», provided all mandatory fields are completed.
Important: all cancellations or changes to passenger ticket are made in accordance with the rules of the applicable fare which in certain cases imply application of cancellation/changes penalties.

To improve the quality and monitoring, as well as the effectiveness of inspection feedback, the company FLYONE has established a procedure for acceptance and consideration of requests from passengers or potential partners. You can fill in the appropriate form in the section «Contact us» on our website provided all mandatory fields are completed. Complaints must be signed by the author/passenger, by indicating the name, surname, address, contact phone number and e-mail address. Complaints that will not meet the conditions are considered anonymous and will not be reviewed by FLYONE. All cancellations or changes to passenger ticket are made in accordance with the rules of the applicable fare which in certain cases imply application of cancellation/changes penalties.

No, the sale on the site is only for regular flights.

Banks exchanges rates will be applied when paying by the debit/credit card for online transactions when the card account currency differs from the transaction currency. For additional information about the exchanges rates or additional fees, we kindly ask you to contact your bank team support.

In case you have a round trip ticket (e.g. Chisinau-Moscow-Chisinau) and have not used the first flight segment from Chisinau to Moscow, your booking for the return flight will be cancelled according FLY ONE policy. All flight segments in one ticket should be used in full and strict sequence they are provided on it. For instance, if you have the routing Chisinau-Moscow-Chisinau in one ticket, you will be allowed to fly from Moscow to Chisinau only after the flight from Chisinau to Moscow is completed.

You may purchase tickets for up to 9 passengers per online session. In case you need to buy tickets for more than 6 passengers, you should proceed with a new reservation and purchase session.

Reservation for unaccompanied minor is not available online since this means that additional requirements have to be met.

Yes, you may purchase a separate seat for your child under 2 years old. At the moment of reservation, please specify that the child belongs to the category of children aged between 2 and 12 years, the ticket will be issued in accordance with the applicable fare and discount.

No, you cannot separately purchase tickets from the company website for children up to 12 years. For further assistance please contact FLY ONE sales offices or FLY ONE helpdesk by filling the appropriate form in the section «Contact us» provided all mandatory fields are completed.

In case the ticket was purchased online, and the passenger has not received the visa(s), the refund of ticket will be processed in accordance with rules of the applicable fare. Please note that some fares are non-refundable, therefore we strongly suggest you to check the rules of the applicable fare when purchasing tickets online. The full responsibility for presenting all necessary valid documentation required for travel rests with the passenger. The passengers who fail to present all documents required for the entire journey will not be allowed for transportation.

No, our airline policy does not allow to transfer the ticket to another person. In case of such necessity, the ticket should be refunded in accordance with the rules of the applicable fare and a new ticket should be purchased. Please note that some fares are non-refundable, therefore we strongly suggest you to check the rules of the applicable fare when purchasing tickets online or ask your agent to provide full information about the rules of the applicable fare. For more information, please contact us by filling the appropriate form in this section «Contact us» provided all mandatory fields are completed.

When checking-in for a FLYONE flight, please present your ticket and passport with visa for the country of your destination. Please contact the nearest embassy of the country of your destination to check if medical insurance is required.

  • On the travel date, at the check-in counter at the airport
  • Online, 24 hours prior departure by accessing Check-In option on the company web page, no fee will be charged.
  • You may check-in on a flight at your home or office;
  • You may select the most convenient seat in the aircraft;
  • You must print your boarding pass and avoid the check-in desk;

The check-in at the airport can be done at the designated check-in counters. The numbers of check-in counters are announced on the travel date at the airport. The check-in at the airport opens 3 hours and closes 60 minutes prior the departure.

ATTENTION!!! For the tickets issued according to certain FLYONE fare rules, a check-in fee might be applied. This Check-in fee can be paid while purchasing the ticket; also, it can be paid in advance at the travel agencies or at FLYONE representations. The check-in fee can also be paid on the travel date at the airport (at the check-in counter). However, in case the web check-in procedure, as mentioned above, has been followed by the passenger, no check-in fee will be charged at the check-in counter. More information about the check-in fee can be found here.

Web check-in can be done by the passengers on the website of the company following this link.

The list of the cities can be found here.

Web check-in opens 24 hours and closes 4 hours before departure.

  • Step 1: Web check-in conditions
  • Step 2: Search
  • Step 3: Flight check-in
  • Step 4: Boarding pass
Click Check-in for more details.

Expectant mothers in normal health up to 32 weeks (approx. 7 months) of pregnancy (i.e. until 8 weeks before expected confinement) can be accepted on FLYONE flights. A mandatory medical certificate issued within 72 hours before departure should be provided.

FLYONE requests that passengers with serious medical conditions contact us by filling in the appropriate form in the section «Contact us» provided all mandatory fields are completed. Please note that, under certain circumstances medical clearance may be required from the passenger`s doctor.

Unaccompanied children aged between 5 and 18 are accepted for FLYONE flights. For details click here.

Pets (cats and dogs) are accepted for FLYONE flights in the event such transportation has been prior confirmed by the airline. Pets can be only transported in special containers in aircraft cabin. For details go to Transporting Pets.

You may take along a collapsible buggy. It will be taken by the cargo holder at the aircraft ramp. The collapsible buggy is transported free of charge and its weight is not included in the free baggage allowance.

Electronic equipment such as wireless phones, portable CD and DVD record players, portable radio transmitting equipment, portable TVs and other remote control equipment may interfere with the navigation systems of the aircraft, therefore we strongly recommend not to use electronic equipment during the flight.

The concern for the safety, health and comfort of passengers is a priority for FLYONE airline. In this regard, smoking is prohibited onboard of all FLYONE flights, both regular and charter.

The Baggage page in the Information section contains full information about the weight, size, and quantity norms.

A landing where no unload of passengers or luggage occurs.